YouTube 360°


Did you know YouTube is the biggest library of 360 degree videos? Hundreds of thousands of people who have purchased the new 360 degree cameras are uploading 360 degree content to YouTube every day. Everything from adventure videos, sports videos, real estate tours, guided tours of famous monuments, and everything in between can be found on YouTube. Simply search for 360 videos or check out any of the 360 video channels. Check into SmartTheaterVR.com for cool 360 video links on our homepage. We consistently update and post up our staff favorites!

To watch YouTube videos in stereoscopic "VR Mode" you just need to tap the screen and touch the "cardboard" button that looks like a mini VR headset icon. The screen will instantly split and you'll be immersed in the 360 video. Any traditional 2D video can be watched using in a virtual private theater in the same manner, just click the "cardboard" icon. Definitely be sure to update your YoutTube to the newest version to take advantage of all these great VR features!

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