Welcome to Virtual Reality

There are a few things we want you to know before you get started:

Virtual Reality (VR) is powered by apps on your smartphone combined with a VR Headset to view these apps. The technology and image processing happens on your smartphone. You need to download VR appsthere are thousands of VR apps on the App Store® and Google Play™. Most of them are free! We’ve compiled a huge list of our favorite high-quality VR apps. We have included reviews and descriptions, this is an excellent resource to find new and high quality VR content.

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*Adjusting the Lenses

If your SmartTheater is equipped with adjustable lenses, make sure you adjust the lenses so you’re seeing one single, clear image... that will keep your eyes more relaxed and everything more comfortable. If your SmartTheater does not have adjustable lenses, we have provided enough space in front of the lenses for you to wear your glasses. Make sure your smartphone is centered and strapped in securely at all times.

Play 360° Videos on YouTube

The YouTube app on your smartphone is a massive source for 360° videos – live action and animated - that you can watch in VR from channels like Discovery, The New York Times, famous pop stars, pro sports teams, and millions of amateur YouTubers. 360° cameras are becoming increasingly popular; now anyone can upload their own 360° videos. You can even live stream in 360°. You may need to update to the latest version of the YouTube app to be sure it supports VR mode. After launching the YouTube app, you can search for “virtual reality” or “360 video” or find the Virtual Reality Channel where you’ll find endless content compatible with your VR headset. Just launch one of the videos and then tap the “VR” icon in the lower right corner next to the ‘settings’ icon. Tapping this button will split the screen so you can watch in your headset.

Google's Viewer Profile

Considering the fact that there are many headset manufacturers and app developers in the world, Google has come to save the day by developing a Viewer Profile. This profile will allow you to sync your specific smartphone to your new headset and the apps that you’ll download. You are not required to sync your phone and headset with the Google Cardboard app, but it can improve the clarity of many apps out there, so we do recommend it. The first step is to download the Google Cardboard app from either the App Store® or the Google Play™. When you launch the app, look for the gear icon on the bottom center of the screen. Tap on the gear to get to the settings menu and click on the “Current Viewer” link. It will be set to “Default Viewer”. If your smartphone asks you to let the app use your phone, please say “OK”. Your phone’s camera will now be activated, so point it at the SmartTheater QR code below. You can find a copy of these QR codes inside your instruction booklet. Be sure to choose the correct QR code that matches your model of SmartTheater.

SmartTheater Plastic Headset

Quark Designer Foam Headset

Portal DesignerFabric Headset

Compatibility and Gyroscopes

Last but not least, your smartphone needs to have a gyroscope sensor – this lets the VR apps know which direction you are looking. All iPhone® models have gyroscope sensors and most Android phones (Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC, etc.) have gyroscope sensors. If you find that the image on your screen does not rotate in sync with the direction you are looking, your phone may not have a gyroscope sensor. You can check our website for more information.
Click Here for a List of Compatible Devices

Navigating the Virtual World

Moving around inside an app, once it’s launched, is very easy and can be done in two different ways. If the app uses “gaze” technology, you simply look at the item you want to select and it will be selected. Your Smart Theater headset also has an input trigger, which can be pressed or pulled, depending on your model, to initiate a selection. Simply focus the cursor on where you want to make a selection and toggle the trigger. This works just like a mouse click.

Need more apps?

If you’re ever searching for something cool to watch in VR, check in with us. We’re constantly scoping the internet for the latest VR apps, 360 videos, 360 live stream events, and virtually every type of VR experience.  Our team reviews the best of the best and hooks its up thru our website SmartTheaterVR.com and on our Instragram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. We categorize all our featured apps under several headings so you can find lots of content that is interesting to you and your friends and family. Whether you’re on Android or iOS we have got you covered!
Featured Apps and Reviews

Troubleshooting Problems

We want you to enjoy your new SmartTheater headset. If there is anything we can do to help you, please get in touch with us through our website, Facebook, or Instagram before going back to the store where you purchased the item. We promise to do everything in our power to help and we usually reply within a couple hours. You my find the solutions to your problems, just check out our FAQ, we are adding new questions all the time.
Frequently Asked Questions

What does “stereoscopic” mean?

All VR and AR apps will be displayed on your smartphone in a side-by-side format (2 nearly identical images, split at the middle of your screen). When viewed through your SmartTheater, you will see one image. This is what produces the effect of something looking 3D. In human physiology we call this effect “binocular disparity.”

Does your phone have a raised button?

Some smartphones have a raised ‘home’ button that can become pressed accidentally against the outer rim of the headset, causing the phone to revert back to the home screen while playing an app. We have provided two pieces of foam with adhesive backing that you can use to prevent the home button from being pressed. Please, stick them onto the rim of the headset, approximately 1 inch apart and positioned so your home button isn’t accidentally pressed.