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SmartTheater has evolved over the last few years, so let me catch you up! We have launched three mobile VR headsets- after being the first VR company to offer products at mass market retailers like Walmart, Toys R Us, QVC and others. 

This year we are introducing several new product lines, and the people at CES are getting the first chance to see whats in store for Smart Theater in 2018.

Smart Theater has launched a mobile gaming line called Arkade™. We offer a variety of unique smartphone accessories, but our signature product is our Arkade Blaster. Offering a wide selection of styles and colors, our Arkade blasters are bluetooth enabled gamepads (shaped like a blaster) designed for mobile first person shooters. We are the only blaster on the market that work with the top mobile gaming First Person Shooters.
We've also launched a Augmented Reality Toy line- Dream Lab. We feature toys for kids and teenagers, which come to life with your smartphone. We have AR Children's Books, AR Sticker packs, and a bunch of other fun AR toys. One stand out is our FlashTrack AR racing cars. We've taken the traditional toy car into the 21st century. Kids can take their toy cars and race them on their mobile phones, with advanced tracks, and multiplayer online racing. 

Smart Theater has partnered with dozens of the top developers to release these new products.

Our product line, Pencraft, are gaming stylus paired with very fun games which require the gamer to draw. Our fantasy collection is featured with Eternium, a mobile RPG which requires users to draw symbols to cast magic spells.

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